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The company IBS d.o.o. was founded in 1992. The company is primarily engaged in activities related to metal machining, i.e. production of parts for machines, production of bearings, gears, transmission and drive elements, production of machine tools, production of other special purpose machines. The company also builds wooden houses. The company’s goal in the future is to increase sales on the existing domestic market and market products on existing and new markets in the EU and other countries. Throughout the entire period of operation, the company is constantly working on the design and development of its own products, specializing in those clients who need the service of development or production of non-typed products, which were developed by the company’s employees from the very conceptual design to the execution through the production process. Such a way of working is possible due to the high level of knowledge, abilities and skills of the company owner, who was also an employee of the company until 2014, and with a combination of thirty years of experience and knowledge and skills, he is able to satisfy a wide range of client requests and wishes.

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